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Registration for events is online: 
     (See #2 below)
1. E-Transfer
2. Online Payment with your registration by Credit Card
3. Mail in a cheque* (select pay later)
4. Pay Pal (2.9% transaction fee to CCOGM - see below) 

5. EFT (instructions below)

1. E-Transfer
2. Online donation (See Giving Portal)     
    NEW: Through our GIVING PORTAL on Planning Center:
(Planning Center Admin Fee is 2.15% + $0.30)
3. Mail in a cheque* (select pay later)
4. Pay Pal (2.9% transaction fee to CCOGM - see below)
5. EFT (instructions below)
6. We accept donations through 
7. TEXT-TO-GIVE: On your mobile device set up a new contact (Text-to-Give). For mobile phone # type in: 84321. Then select the Text-to-Give in your contacts and in the message section type in the $amount you wish to donate and name/key words of fund you wish to donate to (i.e. $10.00 Leadership Development, etc.). It's also possible to give to multiple funds in a single text message (i.e. $5 Missions $10 Church Planting, etc.). If you do not specify which fund you want your donation to go to, it automatically goes to the default fund, which is General: CCOGM. (If you forget to specify fund choice, you may also email Mark Baughman at with instructions on where you wish your donation to go to.)

1. E-Transfer
2. Mail in a cheque* (select pay later)
3. Pay Pal (2.9% transaction fee to CCOGM - see below)
4. EFT (instructions below)

We also accept EFTs (electronic funds transfer) through ATB. This can work in one of 2 ways: (1) either you contact us for our bank account info (info given when you contact us) and arrange through your bank to make an EFT payment from your account and let us know you are making this donation/payment, or, (2) you let us know that you want us to take a donation/payment out of your bank account, you provide us with: the amount you want to donate or pay, when you want to pay it, your name on the bank account, the bank ID number (3 digits), the bank transit number (5 digits) and the account number and we then take it out of your account (must be at least 2 business days’ notice given). If you are using an account you have already made a donation/payment to us from, we can look up the bank information from the earlier transaction.

Preferable way of letting us know is by e-mail to

We hope to do a batch of transactions by the 11th or the 26 th  of the month so if you can let us know by then (payment date can be different), we will process your requests.

 If requested, we will follow up with you that this has happened (e-mail preferably) so you have documentation that you made the donation/payment – your bank statement will confirm this as well.

 If a mistake is made, we can make the transaction correct through another transaction.  Or you can contact your local bank to reverse a transaction you did not authorize.

NOTE: Designated donations will be honored if the donation is accepted by our charity. If a project is oversubscribed, we will attempt to contact the donor about recommended use of these funds. If no contact can be made, the charity will have the right to use these funds as they see fit.

Make cheque payable to: "Canadian Church of God Ministries"
Mail to: Unit #104, 4909A - 48 Street, Camrose, AB T4V 1L7

  Sign up for Pay Pal account

   You also have the option to donate through (click on logo)
   (Note: There is a 3% administration fee on your donation through


If your donation is going towards the following areas, please note that you will need to designate the recipient of your donation on the Instructions to Seller on the Pay Pal site:

1. Uganda Furaha Child Sponsorship Program (Child ID#)
2. Work Camps (Work Camp Attendee Name)